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Advanced Non-Surgical Back Pain


“Stop the muscular back pain “

We use the effective treatment for chronic back pain. (Generosa Pressure Pain Therapy)

•Having constant, sharp and achy pain.
•Trouble with walking, standing or sitting.
• Experiencing difficulty sleeping due to pain.
• Mental lapses is part of your day?
• Feeling heavy and having headaches?

Often clients arrive in our facility spa with chronic pain and taking daily handfuls of painkillers. Normally, their pain is the result of past accidents, injury, or overuse and they have endured an increasing level of discomfort for years. Most have been forced to reduce their activity in life. Some have been told that they would require surgery or that they have to learn to “cope with the pain” for life.

They come to us looking for a better option.

Our advanced pain relief therapy is the result of years of experienced using our own body and clients. It is a unique approach to back pain treatment. While every case is different, we often see a dramatic improvement in a client’s back pain and range of motion in just one sessions. (Generosa Pressure Pain Therapy) is developed by Generosa Dingal, LMT and Dr. Harris Hillel, MD. 

Getting Results Fast…

We use the latest advances in 21st century (Generosa Pressure Pain Therapy) medical massage to treat the underlying cause of your back pain. We confront the pain. Rather than masking the pain with drugs or engaging in risky surgeries, we seek to help the body to heal naturally. God designed our body to have the ability to heal itself. Take charge of your health.


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