Client came from Deerfield beach Florida yesterday and complained of bursitis issues on both shoulder. GenerosaPPPT treatment technique was used and the issues has been resolved. It took one treatment and we follow- up today the client said 100% better and it allow him back to the gym this morning to do his regular exercise routine.

What is Bursitis?
Do you suffer from pain from bursitis?
Bursa is a small sac that is found in the body around the joints and moving parts. These sacs contains with a small amount of lubricating fluids called synovial fluids for cushion between sliding tendons and bones to prevent friction in the joints. If these fluids are drying because of the lack of motion, it causes friction to the joints, and the touching of bone to bone can lead to inflammation, the bursitis. The body will try to attempt self heal. That’s why many people are getting into trouble due to lack of movement in their joint causes the joint to dry.  As a result lead to arthritis.

Is your sleeping time  has been disrupted because of pain?

Is your work and lifestyle has been struggling because of the pain?

Will help you to have your health back on track. Our treatment has no danger of side effects. All 100% natural breaking up scar tissues and allow blood to flow & bringing in nutrients, oxygen and remove those toxins that are accumulated to where the areas are injured. To bring healing !  It’s proven to all our clients. No pills or drugs to take!

Your health is your wealth!

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