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Do you have Knee Pain?

Massage Therapy can Help! Knee pain can be caused by many things. Maybe your knee pain is caused by tight muscles or tendons in your leg, hip or lower back. Or your IT band could be very tight causing a patellar tracking problem. You may have scar tissue inside the joint causing friction and a wearing down of the muscles, tendons and bones. You may even have damage to one of the ligaments of your knee (MCL, LCL, ACL, PCL), the meniscus or cartilage.

The knees are responsible in carrying a lot of weight. That is why it commonly suffers pain especially when the knee joints are damaged. Knee pain can make doing activity very difficult. Fortunately, knee massage for knee pain can be employed to relieve the discomfort. Massage therapists name Generosa at Gen Spa developed this ideal massage technique called Generosa Pain Point Therapy that can be used in addressing knee pain. Massaging the knee will help the knee to relax and take the pressure off those nerves that are causing you pain. Massaging the knee also allows blood and oxygen to get into the joint, which makes your knee’s job of healing itself a lot easier. 


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