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Massage can help you lose weight and be healthier

But massages alone aren’t what helped clients lose weight. Rather, our methods set clients up for success by putting them in the proper mental and physical space to effectively diet and exercise. Weight loss can often be seen as a tough and miserable pursuit that hinges on pain and suffering, when massage is incorporated into that weight-loss plan, there’s suddenly an element of self love and care. In our experience, massage therapy can make the process of weight loss more positive, which encourages people to stick with it.  

Massage can help you lose weight it can make exercise much easier. If you’re physically uncomfortable moving, Massage therapy keeps muscles tuned up, eliminates the tension before it turns into an injury, and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness. When it feels good to be in your body, it makes it easier and more fun to sculpt your body. Plus, a massage is an excellent non-food reward for when you reach your goals.


  • Improves blood circulation. 

  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility.

  • Fat reduction.

  • Naturally, your body stores fats in capsule-like bodies called “fat cells” Improve body metabolism.

  • Massage helps you more focus

Food suggestions:

We suggest to limit your intake of white bread, white pasta, cakes, cookies and other refined grains. However, fill up yourself with high fiber-rich and healthy carbs like those found in fruits, vegetables, legumes including lentils and chickpeas, and healthy whole grains such as steel-cut oats, whole-wheat bread, farro and quinoa. These fiber-rich slow carbs also prevent us from feeling hungry an hour after eating. These carbs may even reduce the incidence of chronic diseases including Type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease and colorectal cancer according to a recent study published in the Lancet.




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Disclaimer: The content of all article is informational only, cannot be substitute for medical advice. For proper diagnosis, you should seek a medical Doctor or Specialist. Let your doctor know you’re trying massage, exercises or doing cleanse for your body, and be sure to follow any doctors standard treatment plans you may have.


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