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Massage Therapy For Disc Herniation or Herniated Disc- Deep Tissue Massage

By: Generosa Dingal, LMT


What is Herniated Disc?

A Herniated disc occurs when the gel-like center of a spinal disc ruptures through a weak area in the tough outer wall, similar to the filling being squeezed out of a doughnut. Neck or arm pain, numbness or tingling may result when the disc touches or compresses a spinal nerve. Herniated discs are a relatively common injury that can occur anywhere in the spinal column.


Can Massage be beneficial for Herniated Disc? 

Massage can be beneficial in treating the symptoms of a herniated disc, such as decreasing pain and muscle spasms. Your body is typically able to deal with a herniated disc on its own within six weeks or so. In the meantime, massage is a relatively safe alternative to traditional treatment of a herniated disc, and may be able to help you avoid addictive forming habits from taking pain medications.

Massage helps disc herniation by reducing tension in the muscles around the spine. By relieving the muscle tension, pressure on the disc is reduced, which eases disc compression. Regular massage treatment may even help prevent future disc degeneration. In the short-term, you’ll get relief from the numbness and pain of your herniated disc. Don’t expect to be pain-free after one session, although it’s possible to get some immediate relief. Typically, several sessions are required before you start noticing a significant difference. Then we suggest to have physical therapy for strengthening the surrounding muscles. 


Will my Herniated Disc ever Heal?

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer as to whether your disc herniation will fully heal. But by making the surrounding muscles relax and increasing blood flow through massage- certainly will help you ease the pain and lubricate the affected area.



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