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Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain Therapy Technique at Gen Spa

There are several muscles in the low back that assist with rotation, flexibility and strength. These muscles are susceptible to injury, especially while lifting heavy objects, or lifting while twisting. A low back muscles strain can be extremely painful but will usually heal within a few days or weeks. To heal it faster we suggest to have a therapeutic massage done by a professional to ease the pain and unlock the muscles and bring in the blood to the area for faster healing. 

Commonly forms in the roots of the gluteus maximus muscle. It’s located below the lowest part of the low back, but it is often feels like low back pain. This is the perfect spot to do the trigger point technique. This area is so tender to the touch. It could produce a profound ache, and pain when massaged, and the pain is almost a surprise for most people. 

To treat the lower back issues, must locate the glutes muscles. Gluteus maximus is a massive muscle. It is the main extensor muscle of the hip. It inserted to gluteal tuberosity of the femur and iliotibial tract. And it is originated in gluteal surface of ilium, lumbar fascia, sacrum, sacrotuberoud ligament. 




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