Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain/Join Pain

Massage often is used to relieve common symptoms of many types of arthritis joint pain and stiffness, easing anxiety, improving range of motion in joints, and promoting more restful sleep. Massage is to stimulate the pressure receptors under the skin that convey signals to the brain to alleviate pain and release the toxins and stress-reducing neuro chemicals like serotonin. 

When muscles around a joint become weak, the joint will compress. This causes a bone on bone joint pain and compromised mobility causes Arthritis  pain in joint.

If you start to go for trigger point massage and gently strengthen the muscles in that area daily, the mass of the muscle increase strength and will increase synovial fluids in the joint and lubricate the joint will not only function better but will also be able to start its own repair. Pain in your body is asking for action. Also hydrate with lots of water to flush out toxins after massage session.

I have clients recovered from chronic osteoarthritis in both hips. They previously tried everything and then they finally realized it was purely muscle weakness in their glutes and shortened tendons in their inner thighs. Needed massage trigger point, stretching and strengthen exercises.

Massage and other form of natural technique therapy are safe and proven techniques for relieving pain. We take a holistic approach to healing that works with the mind, body, and lifestyle to promote wellness and eliminate pain and suffering. Call 561.674.5215




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