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Natural Healing for Knee Pain Tendinitis

Tendinitis of the knee is refers to inflammation, irritation of the tendon and swelling around the knee area. Many people ignore those pain. This is most common area that will get injure specially for runners . Tendons of the knees are thick cords that attach  to the bone and to the muscles. There are several large tendons around the knee areas.  The most common form of knee tendinitis is PES ANSERINUS tendinitis which effects the tendons inside and at the bottom of the knee. When these tendons are being inflamed it restricted the person from turning or twisting the legs outward while running. Knee tendinitis can affect any if these tendons but mostly the patellar tendon group that located at the front of the knee.

Who is at risk?

Runners and athletic, also as the body ages the tendons become brittle and lose their elasticity and fluid. This puts older people at much higher risk of developing knee tendinitis.  People who are involved in sports activities that involve a lot of sharp movements,

people who walk in uneven surfaces are also at higher risk.
Basketball players, football players, runners, tennis players, and snow skiers.

What are the symptoms?

Knee tendinitis produced pain, tenderness and stiffness close to the joint and is aggravated by movement and are usually painful when moved or touched, and the sheaths of the tendon maybe visibly swollen from the fluids accumulation and inflammation. When you move the joint slightly may cause severe pain. The pain maybe worse when ascending or descending stairs, or when you get up from a seated position. The earlier you begin treatment of your tendinitis the faster it will heal.

How to treat it?

Massage is very helpful to heal it faster. To bring blood supply to the area. Then rest the knee. If you feel the pain during any activities you should stop and rest immediately.
Ice after massage to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. Do not keep ice on for more than 15 minutes.  Wrap it with towel and elevate the legs. After your knee had been rested your tendon is weak and susceptible to injury. If the above treatment does not cure the symptom of knee tendonitis you should consult your doctor of physician immediately.

 Prevention Tips:

• Stretching helps to preserve the tendons elasticity and improves flexibility.
• Ranging of motion of the knee will keep the knee lubricated.
• ear the proper footwear to help the knee stable.
• Do an exercise  work of the legs to strengthening the knee, hamstring, quadriceps and patellar tendons to prevent injury.




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