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Generosa Dingal

Generosa Dingal

Generosa Dingal – Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of Gen Spa (MA#51966)

Generosa is fast becoming associated with the incredible healing touch found only at Gen Spa. Her ability to ease pain and heal affliction through her own unique modalities comes from a combination of education, life experiences and a passion to care for people.

Her story begins in her place of birth, the Philippines. She grew up in the island nation and attended school earning Agriculture degree from Mindanao State University Marawi City Philippines. Her parents were pillars in the community by feeding and housing the less fortunate town’s people. This instilled the value of caring and helping other.

In 1996 she had the opportunity to come to America, once here she loved the land of opportunity and decided to stay. Generosa wanted to help people, to this end she became a caregiver and personal assistant to several people in need. It was when she met and elderly Alzheimer’s patient that she realized that she had the ability to impact people’s lives beyond what traditional medicine could do. She found that through research and close observation of her patients that she could design a daily routine that improved the clients health and reduced the need for medication. During her time as a caregiver she noticed two things; one is the complications and side effects of prescription medications. She also saw the positive benefits of therapeutic touch, exercise and proper diet, as well as having a positive attitude. Generosa knew that she could do even more to help people and improve their quality of life.

Generosa decided to pursue a path of healing through holistic medicine. See started by enrolling in the American Institute of Massage. Upon graduation she began her massage business. As she grew in the business, she began to see that client needs and conditions called for some special techniques to be most effective. As her business expanded from a small single room to a multi room studio, she developed new modalities to better serve her clients. From these beginnings Gen Spa was born

Gen Spa is more than just a massage studio, it is a center for pain relief and healing. Generosa continued to push further into the true cause of pain and various ailments. She partnered with doctors and chiropractors and began to develop modalities that tapped into the disciplines of other forms of healing in the medical and holistic community.

The result of Generosa’s research, experience and efforts is Generosa Pain Point Therapy. This unique and original approach to massage is revolutionary.   In as little as one treatment the patient experienced a drastic reduction and even elimination of pain. There are no drugs involved, just Generosa’s skilled techniques. Generosa has begun to train her therapists at Gen Spa in this technique. This has made Generosa and Gen Spa the premier place to go if you are experiencing any sort of muscle pains.


Janene Crupi

Janene Crupi

Janene Crupi – Nail Technician and Full Specialist (FS#865617)

Native from Florida, Janene has been working with nails since her high school days. Janene loves art and crafts and translates her passion on nail art.

With over 12 years of experience, Janene is very detailed when it comes to her work, detailed nail cuticle treatments, nail art, french nails, shellac, acrylics, etc. And not only she does manicure and pedicure with care, but she is also a full specialist. Having worked in different salons and spas, she has accumulated great knowledge on skin and nails. She can deliver a unique facial treatment and give orientation to her clientele about how to take better care  of their skin at home, because just getting a facial once in a while is not enough to look your best.

You can come look for her for your waxing needs, facial treatments and nail care.


Carolyn Stevens

Carolyn Stevens

Carolyn Stevens – Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist (AP#3172)

Originally from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Carolyn moved to Austin, Texas to study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine and recently relocated to South Florida.

Helping people heal themselves in a holistic manner is her passion.  If you are uncomfortable with needles, other several means of treatments including, herbs, aromatherapy and Reiki can be used.

From arthritis to allergies acupuncture can and will help you.

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