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    Prioritize yourself and schedule a massage on a regular basis

    By: Generosa D. Dingal LMT   Prioritizing your health is a necessity. Schedule a massage in a regular basis. Because it helps increase blood circulation. This also increases the amount of nutrients that flows to cells. It pushes toxins out of muscles and increases the […]

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    Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

    Symptoms of Stress The physical effects of stress include:   Sweating Pain in the back or chest Cramps or muscle spasms Erectile dysfunction and loss of libido Fainting Headache Heart disease High blood pressure Lower immunity against diseases Muscular aches Nervous twitches Pins and needles […]

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    Gen Spa is now offering Cupping for Pain Relief

    The Benefits of Cupping Therapy Practitioners of cupping know that cupping therapy helps relieve pain, improve circulation, dispel stagnant blood and lymph, improve energetic flow, and even serve as a method to treat cupping tools have evolved over time. The theories behind the methods, however, […]

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    Massage Therapy for Pulled Hamstring

           Sports-related problems. A hamstring strain occurs when the muscle fibers of the hamstring muscle in the back of the thigh are stretched too far. This can cause tearing of the muscle fibers. Once the injury has been diagnosed, treatment should begin.    […]

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    Pre/Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

    What are the benefits of lymphatic massage? Lymphatic drainage massage is to helps: Reduce pain, swelling and inflammation Improve healing and prevent subcutaneous fibrosis Prevent capsular contracture in breast augmentation Accelerate the disappearance of bruising Assist healthy scar formation Decrease patient’s recovery time Improve body […]

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