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    Massage touch is vital for everyone’s growth 

    By: Generosa D. Dingal, LMT Touch is critical for children’s growth, as well as for the adult’s mental and physical Well-being. Human touch is a powerful contributor to infants ability to thrive and grow from giving them a nurturing touch. It helps improve their circulation, […]

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    Massage Therapy for Shoulder Pain Relief

    We find the right spot by locating the triangle blade and find the infraspinatus muscles which is under the (infra) the ridge (spine) of bone. The shoulder blade’s ridge of bone is roughly horizontal and spans the full width. It’s bony feature. The infraspinatus is […]

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    Thai Yoga Massage at Gen Spa

    Thai Yoga Massage can be done on a massage table. We use a combination of deep compression, acupressure and yoga like stretching. Thai Yoga Massage – No oil or cream is used. Some therapist use herbal compression. Base on research and our clients reviews, it […]

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    Customized stretching tailor to your needs

      Stretching helps your joints lubricated Reduce Stress Improve posture Create better alignment  Increase the length of your muscles Help alleviates back pain including sciatica Keep ligaments and tendons healthy Improve quality of sleep  Improve flexibility  Increase circulation  Deepen impact of your work out   […]

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    Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain Therapy Technique at Gen Spa

    There are several muscles in the low back that assist with rotation, flexibility and strength. These muscles are susceptible to injury, especially while lifting heavy objects, or lifting while twisting. A low back muscles strain can be extremely painful but will usually heal within a […]

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