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Dr. H. Harris, MD
Generosa’s therapeutic deep tissue and sports massage has done wonders for me and my overall health. I am healthier and more in tune with my body since getting regular therapy from her since 2009. As an avid tennis player, I am continually stressing the joints and I had developed some overuse injuries which would not heal with traditional rest and ice or medications. Generosa explored the affected area with intuition and tailored her therapy based on the feedback I provided her. From there on, we built a foundation of healing- I would tell her where my pains were, and she would begin to heal the area. Together, we have healed all types of aches and pains from the elbows, ankles, shins, and shoulders. At one point I thought I was getting too old to compete on the tennis court. With Generosa’s help, I am back to playing competitively several days per week, training, doing yoga, and working full time as a medical doctor. Thank you Generosa!

Dennis Nadeau 8-8-13

Pamela Newman

Bill Donehower

Jane Piano Testimony

Jane Piano Testimony

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