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The Best Sports Massage

            Sports Massage is now a significant factor in sports performance recovery. The massage therapist can have a profound effect on both the physical and mental aspects of the athletic client through structured and knowledgeable touch. One reason I enjoy sports massage therapy so much is because I see great results. The injured muscles heal faster. Sports massage is not just for professional Athletes, college athletes or high school athletes. It’s for everyone who moves. I consider everyone who enjoys playing a sport or even just enjoys walking their dog to be an athlete. So sports massage is essential for just about everyone. Sports massage is very similar to Swedish massage in that it uses a lot of the same techniques. However, they are modified to make them deeper and more focus on a specific points. I consider sports massage to be more of an active session for the client as you may be asked to hold the drape for a specific technique or be asked to contract and relax a specific muscle group. Stretching is another big part of sports massage. I use sports massage techniques together with pressure point, specific massage modalities like Myofascial Release(MFR) and Neuromuscular Therapy(NMT) to achieve the goals of tissue maintenance and injury prevention.


There are three branches of sports massage:

           Event massage, Maintenance massage, and Treatment massage. Event massage helps you prepare for and recover from a specific physical event. Jostling and tapotement (in other words, a lot of movement) is used in event massage to help stimulate your body. Event massage is performed at the site of your event. It lasts 15-20 minutes and is done over your clothing. There are also three branches of event massage including Pre-event, Inter-event, and Post-event. Pre-event is done before the event and is invigorating and stimulating to prepare your muscles and body for the event. Inter-event is done in between the event (like at half-time). Post-event is done after the event and is meant to be slower and a little more relaxing. I performed Pre- and Post-event massage for a friend who ran, swam, and biked in a triathlon. Pre-event helped him to prepare for the event. After he had finished the race, he was absolutely exhausted and barely made it to where we were sitting. I performed Post-event massage on him immediately for about 20 minutes, which helped flush out lactic acid. He said he wouldn’t have been able to get up without the Post-event massage. He also reported the next day that he wasn’t as sore as he expected to be, especially considering he had been more sore after some of the training he had done to prepare for the triathlon. Maintenance massage is often a full body experience, while also focused on certain areas of the body based on your area of complaint. Maintenance massage helps to keep you training and competing at your highest level by maintaining tissue flexibility and muscle relaxation. It also helps to minimize the effects of physical events on your body. I’ve often heard it referred to as preventative massage, which is accurate because it does reduce the risk of injury. A maintenance massage is tailored to your specific needs by thoroughly addressing the muscle groups that are under the most stress, depending on your sport. It also includes general massage on the rest of the body. For example, a maintenance massage for a sprinter would likely begin with your hips and legs for most of the massage and end with basic sports massage techniques on the upper body. Treatment massage is when you have suffered an acute injury or when the chronic strains of activity have accumulated to the point where training or performance capacity are diminished. The primary intention of sports therapy massage is to enhance the healing process and to help you return to full activity more quickly. This massage is more focused to the injured joint or muscles and surrounding tissue. Sports massage is beneficial to people from all walks of life. It can be helpful for specific events, specific injuries, or even daily pains. Whether you’re a professional athlete preparing for the big game, or a weekend warrior taking advantage of the many recreational opportunities or just someone who likes to take your dog to the park, sports massage can help keep you enjoying the activities you love most.


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