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It’s common injury from a motor vehicle accident, whiplash is a neck sprain resulting from the sudden forces typical of a car crash. Whiplash is injured by sudden bending first towards and then away from the point of impact, whiplash is the consequence of the head moving in a whip-like motion. As the head moves rapidly in one direction, the muscles in the neck receive the message to contract for protection from fathering the damage. The momentum of the head can cause strain or sprain to the muscles and ligaments in the neck as the head reaches the end of its movement. Whether the head whips forward and backward or laterally, whiplash usually causes multiple neck injuries.



Evidence of whiplash can surface immediately following the neck’s whip-like injury, or it can creep up several days after. Aside from neck pain, additional symptoms of whiplash may include: Neck stiffness, Headache, Dizziness, Hoarseness, difficulty swallowing and/or chewing, Paresthesia, Shoulder, back or arm pain. In addition to taking a detailed history of the accident, muscle resistance testing can help the bodyworker pinpoint the muscles most in need of release.


  • Pain upon resisted neck rotation indicates injury to the sternocleidomastoids.

  • Pain upon resisted side flexion of the neck indicates injury to the scalenes.

  • Pain upon resisted neck flexion indicates injury to the sternocleidomastoids.

  • Pain upon resisted neck extension indicates injury to the posterior scalenes, suboccipitals and/or erector spinae.

The sooner massage therapy is received, the quicker the person heals and the less likely they are to develop chronic neck pain. In general, any massage that relaxes the affected muscles will help relieve the pain and discomfort of whiplash. However, these specific approaches are particularly therapeutic: Myofascial Release – Myofascial release techniques can free restricted neck mus




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