TMJ pain relief resolution

By: Generosa Dingal LMT

TMJ disorder is a problem with the temporal mandibular joint, the bone of the jaw is connected to the head bone. The joint is located near to the ear where the top of mandible or lower jaw meets the upper jaw at the base of the skull. The TMJ is subject to inflammation and other chronic joint problems. Many of these issues may be caused by destructive bite habits like clenching due to stress related or tooth grinding and chewing gum all day. These actions cause pressure on the joint that can lead to inflammation and general breakdown of the joint itself. The Good news is TMJ can be massage to release the pain. Massage can act as an effective, non-medicinal way to deal with TMJ pain. Here is the specific therapy that can help you address the underlying issues no matter what the cause of your TMJ. Gen Spa massage therapists are able to release the pain.

Self Massage technique:





Locate the masseter muscles in your lower jaw: Directly behind your molars and just below your cheekbone. Start by pressing the corner of your mouth and then working your fingers back toward your ear until you feel a flat plane of bone. You can massage this area by pressing gently with two or three fingers and moving in a circular motion, this warms the muscles and improves lymph function, an important bodily system that helps to flush out buildups of toxins. In other words, stimulating your lymph nodes can remove these irritating congestion as your massage fingers help to increase blood flow to the affected area. Continue until you find some relief, and experiment with different areas of the jaw muscles to making sure you re-activated the blood flow and loosen up all tight muscles in the area. Massaging your jaw with your entire hand, for instance, can be effective as well. Friction Massage find that pressure alone is enough to relieve the pain, but it needs to be done correctly and in the right place. But if you cannot do it yourself Gen Spa staff can help you heal the TMJ problem if it doesn’t go away. If you do notice you’re sore or stiff for too long, see TMJ massage therapist who can help you drop the pain and go back to a comfortable smile.

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