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Top 8 Reasons To Get a Massage

  1. Improves circulation – massage can help you increase blood flow by breaking up the accumulation of toxins. Stress produces toxins and they create a blockage of the blood flow which decreases circulation. GenerosaPPPT Pompano Beach massage will re-activate the blood flow.
  1. If you are experiencing pain in your body. Pain is a signal that something is wrong.
  1. If you are having tightness in your muscles – tight muscle could be due to overworking the muscle, accumulation of lactic acid, injury or muscle misalignment. GenerosaPPPT massage technique is perfect for alleviating tightness.
  1. Improves flexibility and prevents injuries – this can be caused by the fascia that stick/attach to other fascia or to the bone making muscles become restricted and not able to move to their full capacity. Massage techniques at Gen Spa can really help you gain more flexibility and prevent future injuries.


What is fascia? 

Fascia is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ

  1. Boosts immunity – regular massage can increase the serotonin and the natural killer cells, viewed as the first line of defense in the immune system
  1. Increase your energy – a routine massage is a great way to restore order to your lymph system which is responsible for how your immune system functions. When it doesn’t function well it makes you feel ill and with a lack of energy but if it works good will certainly get you back in the path of health and wellness.
  1. Anxiety and depression – many studies have shown that massage reduces stress levels and leaves you much happier and relaxed.
  1. Improves sleep – it helps to improve your sleep pattern and can also be considered as a natural sleep disorder remedy. Massage has a generalized effect on the autonomic nervous system, resulting in changes in mood and induced relaxation.

GenerosaPPPT massage will definitely help you. Regular massage once a week is one of the most therapeutic things you can do to maintain a good health.

Our exclusive technique at Gen Spa is the most effective therapy that Generosa Dingal/LMT has developed.

You will leave our spa feeling energetic and wonderful.

Are you ready for this big change??



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