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What is Ultrasonic Cavitation and how does it work?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a weight loss treatment that uses low frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, which may result in lost inches on the treated area. It is a simple procedure that relies on sound waves to flush and melt fat from the body instead of intensive surgery.


How does it works?

Ultrasonic cavitation procedure, non invasive machines target specific body areas with low frequency sound waves, with light suction. This process heats and vibrates the layer of fat cells below the skin surface. The pressure eventually causes the fat cells to liquefy and release it into the bloodstream for waste disposal plant through Lymphatic system.


Ultrasound Cavitation Slimming Treatment

  • Your body has amazing healing power. To undo 20, 30, 40 years of body fat accumulation, you only need 20, 30, 40 days to reverse it with guidance on proper detoxification.

  • For permanent weight loss to happen, no treatment is complete unless accompanied with sensible eating and simple lifestyle changes.

  • Sensible eating can be achieved by expanding your food choices rather than starvation.

  • Simple lifestyle changes can be weaved into your daily routines with minimal effort.

  • For those stubborn spots like love handles, saddle back, muffin tops and jiggly arms, we have the technologies and know how to shrink those fats, tightens loose skin and banish cellulites for a better contoured body.

  • Release trapped fats for use as energy for exercise

  • Focus on areas that are resistant to diet and exercises

  • Flush out impurities while attacking the superficial fats

  • Tighten skin and smoothen cellulite


How does Ultrasound Cavitation Reduce Cellulite?

Using low frequency ultrasound, cavitation is body sculpting with no anesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no down-time and presents a risk-free alternative to liposuction. The result is instant loss of fat cells.

The ultrasound vibration of ion (positive and negative alternation of sound waves) produces a strong wave of pressure to fat cell membranes. As the membranes of fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations, the effect of cavitation easily breaks them, while sparing the vascular, nervous and muscular tissue.

Triglycerides are released from fat cells to be metabolized by the body. This treatment is non-invasive, painless and comfortable. There may be, however, a slight discomfort due to a gentle buzzing sound you could hear but it poses no harm and disappears as soon as you are not in contact with the applicator head. You may also experience a little warmth during the treatment. The cavitation treatment yields immediate and long-lasting results. Most of the clients experience 2 to 10 cm of circumference reduction after a single session with increasing results after each visit. The results may vary with different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones. Proper diet and increased physical activity will certainly improve and help to maintain the results.


List of Contraindications

Customers with any of the following conditions are not suitable to receive slimming treatments. Underweight |  Pregnant women or women during menstruation | Epileptic | Within 3 months after operation | Heart diseases or with heart pacemaker | Embedded foreign object or silica gel on areas to be treated | Hypersensitive skin, skin diseases or eczema.



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