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Your Health is Your Wealth! Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Client from Pompano Beach works in construction came in with major pain on his shoulders and lower back.

We worked on deep on his shoulder with PPPT and stretch to restore blood flow and increase oxygen flow in the area, and client range of motion was improved and pain reduced.

On his lower back we also applied PPPT and stretch and found out not only his hamstrings are very tight, but his psoas too. After working PPPT and stretch on the areas of concern, client mobility was much better and pain much reduced.

Client feels much better and is very thankful for the therapy that he found at Gen Spa.

Client has been to chiropractors and other massage therapists before, but never found the treatment he found here. According to him, it was the first time he actually feels a release on his shoulders and lower back.

At Gen Spa, your health is your wealth!