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Be healthier, one step at a time

Nowadays seems like everybody is trying to be healthier, more fit, eat better.

Some people can accomplish without any troubles, they have fast metabolism and perfect bodies that are almost impossible for simple mortals to achieve, while others struggle to keep the few extra pounds on check.

The key is to change, take charge, one step at a time!

           Make small changes on your diet. Don’t be fooled by miracle diets that cut down tons of calories… Yes, you can lose weight with them, but that is no guarantee you will be able to keep them off. It is better, easier and healthier to change little by little. Add more vegetables and eat less carbs, you will still get full, but will probably reduce the calorie intake and increase the nutrient value of your meal.

          Drink more water. Not only you will feel better, you also have more energy when your body is hydrated. Besides, a lot of times people get thirst confused with hunger. So next time you feel like eating something in the middle of the afternoon, grab a big glass of water first.

          If you are still hungry after that, have a handful of nuts (almonds, cashews and pistachios are the healthiest choices). Nuts are nutritional powerhouses! They are rich in fiber, proteins and heart-healthy fats.

          Get your body moving!! You don’t need to become a gym slave. Find something you enjoy, take a stroll in the park or at the beach, take a trial class on the gym next to you, play ball with friends or with your kids. What matters is move your body and enjoy.

After making small healthy changes to your diet and life style, take a step forward, see what works better for you. Everybody’s body is different. Some process meats better than others. Some are ok consuming dairy, some not. Being more conscious about your body is the first step towards eating and living better. Research, try new things, you will never know how delicious is to eat clean if you don’t try. You will never know how much you love to work out if you don’t try different options. There is so much out there… A whole life of bad habits is hard to break. But there are a million possibilities to eat better and live better. You just need to try!




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