Honey Body Scrub

Enjoy warm organic honey and sugar all over your body during a honey body scrub, during which we apply and gently massage it into your skin. Your body receives a light exfoliation with the application of fresh oranges. After the body scrub, you will be wrapped and given a scalp massage. Luxuriate in this lavish body mask designed to restore skin balance and leave dry skin feeling revitalized and nourished.

Green Clay Body Wrap Detox

Following a complete dry brushing exfoliation, a generous amount of warm clay is applied to the skin as we wrap you while you’re in the table sauna. Detoxification now begins from within. While wrapped, you will receive a scalp massage. This treatment is followed by an application of essential oils, which will relieve muscles aches while soothing the skin. This body wrap will help detoxify your body from impurities, while providing nutrients and moisturizing your skin. Not only that, this body wrap will help you trim a couple inches in a healthy way.


Lypossage™ is a specific type of manual therapy that flushes and drains cellulite from the areas just below the skin. Lypossage contours and shapes areas of the body, targeting the areas around the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, and arms without the use of surgical tools or unnecessary anesthesia. Lypossage also works on the face, neck, and chin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, deep lines, and crows feet, acting as a natural face lift.

The key elements in the Lypossage treatment are lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage. Lypossage works as a natural detox and cleanse for the body, contouring and shaping at the same time. This unique treatment will help cleanse the body of toxins and retained fluid, and also, for most people, it enhances energy, mental clarity, and overall well-being.


Ultrasound cavitation is a relatively new aesthetic treatment. Cavitation is a body sculpting treatment with no anesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, and no downtime. It’s a risk-free alternative to liposuction. The result is instant loss of fat cells.

Cavitation causes tons of microscopic air bubbles to surround the lipocyte (fat cell) membranes. With its resonant frequency, the bubbles create pressure that causes fat cells to break up instantly. The destroyed lipocytes can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system by being moved to the liver and safely metabolized out of the body. This is assisted by drinking a lot of water, lymphatic drainage massage, and exercise.

Generally, one fat cavitation treatment lasts 35-40 minutes for one part of the body. 72 hours must pass between each session, so that the body can eliminate the fat. The minimum suggested number of fat cavitation sessions is between 6 and 10, depending on the body type and client goal.

Russian Waves

Tone your muscles without going to the gym – our muscle stimulator will work your muscles for you! 30 minutes in this latest equipment is equivalent to 1200 sit-ups! Just lay back and relax while the machine does your workout for you.

Russian Waves is a treatment to remove flaccidity and give tone to muscles. This treatment is performed by electro-stimulation of the neuromuscular nerve terminals, causing muscles to contract rhythmically, building strength and muscle development in order to increase muscle mass.

It is a completely non-invasive and virtually painless treatment alternative to butt lift surgery. This treatment is also effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. The results look natural and are long lasting, as long as you maintain your diet and exercise routine.

Brazilian Shaping Massage

This vigorous massage stimulates the lymphatic system, breaking down fat particles, minimizing the appearance of cellulite for smoother skin. This massage also shapes the body, acting as a natural butt lift and reducing inches, shaping your silhouette.


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