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Healing remedy for knee pain
By: Generosa Dingal, LMT/Gen Spa



      GEN SPA techniques can help heal knee injuries by reduces swelling, increase circulation and joint mobility. The techniques can dissolve pain as we perform the therapy. Massage therapy is generally considered safe and recognized as an effective complementary treatment for many chronic muscle and joint conditions. Generosa Dingal LMT and Dr. Hillel Harris, MD. developed the technique to specifically treat this type of pain. A knee sprain can occur when a jump or sharp pivot twists or hyperextends the joint. The force can damage or tear one or more knee ligaments, resulting in pain and instability. Partial or complete tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is common in knee sprains. The ACL  frequently ruptures during contact sports like football, soccer, basketball, and gymnastics, in which a sudden change of direction can exert an excessive force on the knee. 


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