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Health Benefits of Almonds
Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds are very nutritious nuts (or seed).Iit is a rich source of vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium.  It also contains zinc, selenium, copper and niacin. To get the most benefits of this nutritious food, it is recommended to eat 23 almonds daily.

The health benefits of almonds include support heart health and boost for the immune system. It also helps prevent cancer, reduces the risk for Alzheimer, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, protects against diabetes, eases constipation, boost your energy and it aids weight loss. No wonder it is consider a “super-food”!

Because it is rich in folic acid, almonds also help prevent birth defects, helping healthy cell growth and formation, which means, almonds can also help develop a healthy baby.

Take advantage of this super food and add it to your diet. Almonds make a great snack, raw or roasted; you can use almond milk for your smoothies or cook with almond oil or almond butter.