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Love is the Key
No relationship is ever a waste of time. If it did not bring you what you want at least it taught you what you do not want.

True love does not just fill your heart, it overflows throughout your entire body and soul. A true love never expects anything back!

If someone acts like they do not care about you, it’s because they don’t really care that much about you. So do not waste your time and make excuses for them.
Put your foot down and move on! That means it is not for you.

I love those gifted people who can make me laugh even in the hectic moments of my life.
Talk more about the blessings than about your problems!

There is always someone special that cares about you even without your knowledge.

Communication and trust are two main ingredients to have a fulfilling and successful relationship

A person who truly loves you will stick around and when something is wrong, that person will notify you immediately without judging.

Better things will happen to you, they may not happen today, but maybe tomorrow or next day, the future is coming just wait.

You give respect for others, then you will get back what you put out there.
Attitude is everything! What you put out there is what you get.

Don’t blame people for disappointing you.

No one notices your tears.
No one notices your sadness.
No one notices your pains.
But they all notice your mistakes.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special.

Never reply when you are angry.
Never make any promises when are happy.
Never make any decision when you are sad.

Love is like a rubber band when both held each end love is amazing but when one letting it go it hurts.

Makeup does not make you prettier.
Money does not make you richer.
Real wealth and real beauty depends on how you value yourself.

Each one of us has been rejected by the person we loved, it breaks our heart and soul, we wonder what is wrong with us- are we not pretty, not smart, not worthy?
The truth is that we have to keep on believing in ourselves.
It is that person’s loss, we are still beautiful. True love will come our way!

Don’t feel bad if someone rejects you. ( Try not to feel bad for too long when someone rejects you )
People normally reject expensive things because they cannot afford them.

Great friends are like stars. You don’t always sees them, but you know that they are always there for you.

Sometimes God does not want to change your situation because he is trying to change your heart

Never apologize for what you feel, because it is real.

We may be able to hide from the world but we cannot hide from God!