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According to survey, massage is rated as highly as medication by 90% of Americans. But massage can be even better than medication sometimes, if you consider that massage has no contra-indication or side-effects. Although, massage is not a substitute. You need to research for yourself and consult your physician about what alternatives you can take for your needs. Massage can be an alternative treatment for headaches, depression, anxiety, but it can only aid in case of more serious matter.

Massage can treat sore muscles, improve circulation, it is even effective in chronic pain syndromes in arthritis and diabetes, in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and other auto-immune disorders. If you research, massage can aid in almost any condition the body could have.

Clean your body from medications. Treat yourself with massage first, your body has the power of self-healing and massage can boost this power and help you heal faster, with no side-effects.

Massage also has the power of enhancing your immune system; stimulates your lymphatic system; reduces your stress levels; improves circulation; reduces adhesions, edemas, spasms and cramps; stimulates production and release of endorphins (body natural pain killer), dopamine (feel good hormone), and serotonin (general mood enhancing hormone).