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Massage for Sciatic Pain at Genspa
(Generosa Pressure Pain Point Therapy)

To loosen up the muscles and it is very specific technique-targeted to the specific points.

What Causes Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatic pain can have a number of causes:

  • Bulging or herniated disc.

  • Inflammation of the soft tissues in the surrounding area.

  • Trauma- from a sports injuries, car or motorcycle accidents.

  • Spinal tumor – It is rare but a tumor can cause compression on the sciatic nerve.

  • Spondylolisthesis Usually affects the lumbar spine, where one vertebra slips over another.

  • Piriformis Syndrome – This develops when muscles spasm in the Piriformis muscle and compress the sciatic nerve and spasming piriformis muscle in the buttock.

  • Spinal stenosis – Nerve compression disorder or narrowing of the spinal column.

  • Pelvic injury or fracture – Falling or even twisting the pelvis while lifting can cause sciatic pain.


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