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What causes tight piriformis muscles?

Piriformis syndrome is usually due to compression or contraction of the piriformis muscle on certain areas of the sciatic nerve; the most common risk factors are overuse or trauma from sports, but other conditions can cause the symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Piriformis Syndrome?

Pain and numbness tend to be the most common symptoms of Piriformis Syndrome, mostly in the buttocks region with radiating pain down the leg. More specific symptoms are listed below. Many times the symptoms start in the buttocks and then extend down the leg. Sciatica, as it is known, occurs when pain and tingling or numbness travels down the length of the sciatic nerve down the leg. Sciatica occurs with other problems beside Piriformis Syndrome as well. The pain can be severe and can be aggravated by movement or sitting too long. For example, if you sat in the car too long the pain may be worse. Climbing stairs can be particularly painful due to the movement of the Piriformis muscle.

Most common symptoms from Piriformis Syndrome:

  • Pain in buttocks

  • Tingling in Buttocks

  • Numbness in Buttocks

  • Leg Pain

  • Pain triggers by sitting

  • Pain triggered by climbing stairs

How does the piriformis get inflamed?

Piriformis syndrome is most often caused by macrotrauma to the buttocks, leading to inflammation of soft tissue, muscle spasm, or both, with resulting nerve compression. Microtrauma may result from overuse of the piriformis muscle, such as in long-distance walking or running or by direct compression.

How is Piriformis Syndrome Treated?

One of the best ways to treat Piriformis Syndrome is to loosen up the surrounding muscles through soft tissue manipulation so that the Piriformis muscle is loose and unlock. Positioned properly to allow the sciatic nerve to flow freely with less or no compression. The point is to relax the muscle so that it is not contracted as much and as often, also relieving the buttock and leg of pain and numbness. Generosa pressure point technique will help restore the muscles.




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