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Natural Healing for Rhomboid Pain
By: Generosa D. Dingal, LMT/ Gen Spa

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Each one of us has had muscle pain at some point in our lives. To some people, however, experience worsening and commonly occurring muscle pain in certain areas. Among this is rhomboid muscle pain which is more common and worse than other pain and is one of the most frustrating pains. There are many people who don’t know where exactly is rhomboid muscle located, but they have felt pain in that region at some point. People who work on computer desk will experience some tightness and pain in the rhomboid muscle. Rhomboid muscles located in the upper back region just under beneath the neck and between the upper shoulder  blades. This muscle helps in controlling the arms and shoulders.  If you are spending your day using these muscles then the rhomboid muscle will suffer of pain. This muscle is shaped like a triangle and it is thin muscle. It’s the skeletal muscle that is connected to the bone and helps in the movement of the joint and it connects the spine to the medial edges of the shoulder blades to help maintain a good posture. Over using this muscle can cause pain. Playing sports such as tennis, golf, heavy lifting, reaching something heavy from a high shelf and or even a wrong movements also may have a big impact but if this rhomboid pain muscle is isolated from movement and left untreated  it become more weak and more susceptible to more tear.  


Causes of Rhomboid Muscle Pain

  • If a person bends over awkwardly or swings a golf club forcefully, or twists his/her body, or lifts too heavy object at the gym then it may cause accidental tear of multiple fibers tear resulting in pain and loss of movement.
  • Person can tear the rhomboid muscle through a sudden or awkward movement or might have pulled the muscle.
  • Rupture of the rhomboid muscle can also cause pain.
  • The rhomboid muscle may also be compressing on a nerve resulting in pain due to overuse.

Natural Treatment for Rhomboid Muscle Pain:

  • GenerosaPPT technique.
  • Massage/trigger point/pressure point (look for a Professional LMT).
  • Ice and hot compression 15 minutes intervals.
  • Use the Tennis Ball if you know how.
  • Stretch the muscle after using the above treatment.

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