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Neck Pain Client from Boca Raton Florida

We had a client come in to Gen Spa today because of neck pain. He lives in Boca Raton, FL, but had a friend tell him how effective Gen Spa is at relieving pain, so he came in for a session. His pain was so bad today he couldn’t even move his neck. In his exercise routine he often needed to jump up to do the chin-up bar. When he does, sometimes it puts a terrible strain on his neck, specially because he was not in relax mood and was not paying 100% attention to the task. When exercising must prepare the muscles by doing warm up and stretch the body first. In fact, his neck totally locked up. We treated him with Generosa Pressure Pain Point therapy. This technique targets the areas of the body where toxins are trapped due to muscles tightening up, which made the blood restricted or poor in the area of injury. Therefore neck became spasm as a result, and the neck became immobility and pain.

When muscle gets spasm, blood cannot circulate well, so toxins accumulated in the body.

Toxins are from bad diet habit, lifestyle and stress. The toxins gather in some areas and block the regular flow of the blood. When these areas are broken up, the toxins will dissipate and be removed by the bodies systems and eventually expelled through increasing the blood flow. At the end of the session, the client was able to move his neck freely.