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What is pain?

Pain is your body’s ability to send signal that there is something wrong in your body.  Therefore, do not cover it up with medication that has many side effects.

We hear all the time about Inflammation, what is inflammation? Well, it is part of the body’s immune system response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli such as damaged cell, pathogens or irritants to initiate the healing process. The body will experience pain, swelling, heat, throbbing, loss of function and some redness of the injury area. The inflammation is a protective attempt by the organism to start healing the injury.  Inflammation is not infection even in the case where inflammation is caused by infection inflammation is one of the responses of the organism to pathogens.

Our body has the ability to heal but it takes time to heal it.  In my opinion base upon my experienced on my clients and in my own body that got herniated disc injury you can assist the body to heal faster by bringing in plenty of blood supply to the area. How? Generosa PPPT technique. It assists you to feel more relief and manage not to take medication.