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Reflexology is a science that believes there are reflex points in the hands and feet that correspond to the internal organs and systems of the body. By applying pressure on those points, the therapists can stimulate the functions of these organs.

Reflexology helps release stress and relaxes the body. There are different theories about how reflexology actually works. One of them is that reflexology works with the central nervous system. According to this theory, the application of pressure on the feet, hands or ears sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system, enhancing overall relaxation, bringing the internal organs into a state of optimum functioning and increase of blood flow, which affects all the systems, since the increase of blood supply also means increase of oxygen and nutrients to the body.

Reflexology is effective on the treatment of different ailments of the body: it helps reduce stress, anxiety, nausea, constipation, migraines, tension headaches, pms symptoms, improves kidney function, etc.

Do your own research and verify what works better for you.

Your body has the power to heal itself. As therapists we are here to help you achieve your health goals and facilitate your healing process.

Your health is your wealth!!!