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Stress takes a toll in your body

Your body becomes restless, you cannot sleep at night, irritable -your attitude becomes sour & eventually you loose control of your food intake.  People tend to eat too much food when they are stress of something. Next thing you know you are putting weight on your waistline. When you are anxious your hormone cortisol will rise up and put a big desires to eat fatty foods and sweet. Those excess calories will be stored in your gut as a visceral fats- it increases cortisol production. It could lead to type 2 diabetic, heart disease & gastrointestinal cancer.  According to Dr. Evangeline Lausier, MD,  an assistant clinical professor medicine of Duke integrative medicine in Durham North Carolina – Chronic stress can cause inflammation in the body and put risk on developing irritable bowel Syndrome, arthritis and other diseases.

What should you do? We suggest the following activities:

  • get a regular massage

  • do 15-30 minutes exercise

  • do yoga poses or stretch your body

  • play some sports that you like!



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